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New Strategy Makes Tons of High Quality, Search Engine Friendly Webpages for You.

Discover how you can harness the power of the Internet's next major money-making technology. You're about to learn the power of RSS Syndication for Internet Marketing and Promotion.

We'll walk you through the basics of RSS syndication and point out a few of the powerful capabilities of RSS the BlogBomb strategy uses to create powerful content you can convert into multiple income streams.

RSS has a couple of definitions, but we'll use "Real Simple Syndication", since this definition will be easier to apply to the concepts below.

The word "syndication" shouldn't scare you. It is a wonderful invention that will greatly impact many forms of tradition web promotion, including:

- Email zines and newsletters
- Spam
- Search engine promotion and SEO
- Link exchanges
- Content creation and distribution
- Website updates
- Blogs and forums

RSS has been around since 1997, but until very recently it's potential for Internet Marketing hadn't been considered.

At first, there was RSS, but little or no content available for quality syndication.

This was much like High Definition TV is today. The TV sets are available, but there isn't a lot of High Definition Programing yet to actually get much use from HDTV.

But with almost seven years of constant growth of available resources using RSS, there's now tons and tons of RSS syndicated "feeds" available for fun and profit.

And they're free for the taking!

A "feed" is simply a title, link and some descriptive text that links to more information. Basically, a feed is a summary of a webpage, news headline or blog entry.

Feeds can also be just links, links and short descriptions, or complete articles. It's up to the writer.

Maybe the best way to explain the concept of online syndication is to use an off-line example...

Let's use "Dear Abby", the famous newspaper advice columnist. Her columns appear in hundreds, if not thousands, of newspapers worldwide.

Instead of writing for a single newspaper, her columns are "syndicated" into numerous newspapers across the globe. She writes, and the newspapers publish.

It's a great deal for both sides. Abby gets paid a little for each newspaper she's published in and increases her exposure, and the newspapers get content to help them sell more newspapers.

Using Abby as an example, her column would be a "feed". If it was syndicated online, you could use her feed as content for a page on your site.

Although I doubt Abby has a feed, there's plenty of experts for almost every subject that have feeds online for you to use.

What makes the BlogBomb method so uniquely powerful is that it uses cutting-edge technology to build pages using feeds in a way that the search engines can read and index.

To the search engines, feeds that have been "BlogBombed" look just like you've written the content yourself. Even Google can't tell the difference!

So not only do you get content, you have the potential to get vast amounts of free search engine traffic, using heaps of free content written by others.


If content is King...Then BlogBomb
is like being "dealt a hand full of Aces".

Why not put this new technology to work for you and be a publisher and let others write content for your sites?

Here's just a few of the tremendous advantages of using BlogBomb scripts to exploit the tremendous power of "BlogBombing" RSS syndication:

Get Traffic and Make Money from THEIR Blogs
"Blogs" are the new big thing on the Internet. There's tons and tons of blogs on the web and the majority of blogs have RSS capabilities built in.

By exploiting BlogBomb's power, you can use the content of tons of blogs on your own pages. Plus, there's RSS feeds for news and headlines. There's even massive search engines and huge directories busting at the seams with feeds.

Find blogs and feeds about pets, marketing, humor, golf, real estate, health, plus a lot more, and use this content to build websites to sell and promote your own products, services or affiliate programs. All for free.

"Ever Green" Content With Timely and Automatic Updates.
As blogs, news and headlines are updated, so are your pages. By using syndicated feeds, your content is constantly being written for you.

Do you know of another search engine page creator that automatically updates your pages with relevant and interesting content?

You Tell BlogBomb When to Update.
You can control how often you want to update. You can update in "virtual real time", or to save resources, you may update one a minute, once a day, or even once a year (or any time in between).

Search Engine Friendly Pages with REAL Content
BlogBomb was built from the ground up to ensure its content can be spidered and indexed by all the search engines.

There's other methods and tools using java, javascript or "i-frames" that will display syndicated content on your pages, but the content won't be seen by the search engines.

Again, BlogBomb's main purpose is to create content for the search engines that isn't simple "doorway page spam"!

Get Indexed Faster - Updated Pages May Get a "Freshbot"
Did you know Google has two different types of spiders? A little known fact is that if Google finds pages that are frequently updated, they'll send a special spider called "Freshbot" that visits sites much more frequently that the "regular" spiders.

And building sites using "BlogBombed" feeds is a "set it and forget it" strategy for constantly updated pages.

Exclusive Random Results Feature Make Tons of Unique Pages
Creating pages that are similar may mean your pages won't be indexed by the search engines, or worse, could even get your entire website banned.

BlogBomb exploits an ingenious optional method of displaying feeds in random orders and sequences.

This creates unique blends and mixtures combining individual feeds in virtually endless combinations, allowing for the creation of a multitude of web pages. Each page with relevant and topical content the search engines will find "unique".

Search Engine Marketing in the Fourth Dimension
Since your BlogBomb content is constantly being updated and changing, a "temporal" (time element) is also a factor.

Because your content is ever-changing and search engine spiders don't index all your pages at the same time, this gives you the opportunity to really streeeetch your feeds into more and more unique content pages.

Remember, search engines don't like duplicate pages. By having pages that change, plus the exclusive random option, you call all but ensure that your pages will be "one of a kind".

Build Pages Without Fear of Being Banned
While we can't guarantee that sites will be banned or not, we aren't afraid to post actual BlogBomb pages. Check the example pages to the right and ask yourself if these are "junk" or offer actual value to surfers. If a page offers value and doesn't use deception, it's very unlikely to be banned from the engines.

BlogBomb created pages give value to surfers and don't use deception in any way, shape or form. It makes no sense to cheat and risk getting caught when there's a better solution.

BlogBomb Takes Your Link Exchanges to a Whole New Level
Why merely trade links, when you can trade entire feeds? By creating a simple RSS feed of your own (it's easy, we'll give you a number of choices), BlogBombers will be able to trade feeds in a search engine friendly manner

Trading feeds has some tremendous advantages, such as:

A virtual content exchange - Since feeds contain more than links, each "feed exchange partner" can write "mini articles" and if they update their feed, they update all other feed partner pages.

Promotes deep linking - Because feeds can have multiple "items", each item can be a link to another page of yours. This allows you to get more links to more of your pages. Often just a few external links to your "interior" pages can make all the difference in the world in the search engines.

You're in total control of your links - Through BlogBomb's feed syndication, if you want to update or change your links, just change your feed and your modifications will be made automatically across your network of feed partners. Have you ever tried to get another webmaster to update your link?

Make submitting to the engines a thing of the past - If your feed exchange network is already indexed in the engines and you want some new pages to be indexed, just update your feed. The engines will find your new pages through links on your network. Again, just change your feed and your updates are made and act as the best submission service available.

Included in the BlogBomb Package:

The BlogBomb Software
Easy to use and install perl scripts designed specifically to build databases of feeds and display them on webpages, creating massive amounts of content and keyword rich webpages.

BlogBomb has a simple but powerful web interface, allowing for supreme control for collecting and displaying feeds..

Tons of Resources (free)
The BlogBomb Package is crammed full of tips, websites, resources and strategies to help you find and use as much content as possible.
All for free.

NewzBomb Secret Experimental RSS Scripts (free)
Included are six custom scripts programed to collect news headlines from the Internet's major resources.

Again, these are experimental and there are no guarantees. But I will say the early results are terrific.

You'll be informed of the strengths, weaknesses and secret strategies for optimizing your results with these power-packed programs.

Why not have your website syndicated so your site gets more exposure?

Merely insert a couple of little tags into your exisitng html, and turn your website into a syndication publishing machine.

BlogBombers are starting to get feeds on plenty of pages and having your feeds on BlogBomb pages can drastically increase your traffic, as well as your "links to" your site.

As you probably know, the number of other sites linking to your site may greatly effect your search engine ranking.

Since BlogBomb pages are extremely search engine friendly, this means your links can be indexed and spidered, probably helping your site's "link count".

You'll be armed with a tool that will create RSS feeds from your "old fashioned" html pages. Get in on the syndication rush.

To sum it all up, you get:

-The BlogBomb Scripts and web admin that collects and writes feeds on your web pages.

-6 Experimental Scripts that collect up-to-the-minute news feeds from six major online news sources to use in Blogbomb for your pages.

-Complete support and tips and search engine strategies to help you exploit all available resources and methods. Note Support and Tips are provided through the DomBomber forum.

Order now and start letting BlogBomb write and update YOUR webpages: 
BlogBomb - Only $97

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BlogBomb plus install $127

For installation, requirements and technical info, please look above in the right-hand column.

I don't collect email addresses and I don't put you on any mailing lists, in any way, shape or form. To be notified of news, new resources and updates, you must visit the DomBomber Forum.

You probably already get enough email...


BlogBomb writes your site using fresh and relevant content.

If other page creation tools don't give examples of their pages, you may want to ask "Why not?"
BlogBomb Home - Website Content
Real Working Examples
Below are some real-life examples of how REAL web pages (not doorway spam) can be created for content and search engine traffic.
Search Engine Optimization-Creating Revenue from FREE Search Engine Traffic. This page uses a combination of elements from the examples below. Here, we've mixed in Pay Per Click Affiliate links to create revenue from our traffic.
Search Engine Watch-Danny Sullivan's well-respected SEW is imported using BlogBomb to create content search engines love.
Search Engine Guide- Another syndicated feed we can add to our pages. Adds more great content and search engine friendly pages.
Search Engine News and Headlines-Here we use the experimental NewzBomb scripts to gather various news and headlines relating to search engines for our pages.
News about Blogs and Bloggers-This pages mixes and matches story in the news about "blogs and bloggers" and is an example of how content can be created for almost any subject.
Technical Information:
-Search engine optimization features are built in to help your pages generate traffic that the "plug and play" portals can't match.
-Uses any web template (layout restrictions apply as you need a certain amount of space for search results). Why be imprisoned by some predefined web template someone else "picked" for you?
-Integrates seamlessly into html pages with DomBoms and other content feeds (requires ssi).

Order now and start letting BlogBomb write and update YOUR webpages:

BlogBomb - Only $97

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 BlogBomb plus install $127  

Linux, Unix server. Most perl modules are built-in.
Perl Module: XML:Parser. Email your host and simple ask, "Do you have  the perl module XML:Parser installed on the server?"
Note: If they don't have it installed, we may be able to install it for you.
Installation for BlogBomb, including XML:Parser module is $30.
Installation: Ability to FTP and set permissions.
Integration into html requires the use of SSI. If you want to use SSI with .html (instead of .shtml) pages, you will also need an .htaccess file (we give you one, it's simple so don't let this scare you).
Most hosts allow SSI and htaccess. Just ask them to be sure.
Basic knowledge of html/webdesign is suggested.

You MUST have basic webmaster skills, and please, know a little about FTP and just basic HTML.

This is all brand-new stuff. Exisiting BlogBombers are just learning the potential and discovering new strategies almost everyday.

Why not join us and help us blaze a new trail and we'll help each other discover and exploit the fullest potential of RSS feeds and BlogBomb?


Order now and start letting BlogBomb write and update YOUR webpages:

BlogBomb - Only $97

Official PayPal Seal

 BlogBomb plus install $127